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About Genevieve Florence

Genevieve Manon Florence Chenneour, known as Genevieve Florence was born in England and brought up in Oxford in a military family. She had an active childhood starting with Ballet at the age of three and then Horse Riding, Dance, Swimming, Gymnastics and attended music school therefor finding her passion for discipline and performance at a young age. Her career as a performer kicked off when she was selected to join TeamGB; officially a member of the Olympic Artistic Swimming team. Genevieve moved away from home at the age of 15 and traveling the world competing on the world stage as a soloist, member of the duet and Team. The highlight of her athletic career was being awarded an Olympic scholarship ahead of the Rio Olympics and competing at the European Olympics.

Her career as a professional athlete ended abruptly after an injury to her hip which after an operation and period of intense rehabilitation created an amazing opportunity to redirect her talents and drive to succeed.

Due to her vast experience in water, free diving and scuba diving she was asked to body double and stand in on underwater film scenes, working with safety divers and taking on air. At this time Genevieve relocated to London and was also scouted and signed to a modeling agency; she has worked for clients such as M&S, Lulu Lemon, Adidas, McLaren, Etam and many others. The physicality and performance elements of this work giving her a stepping stone into acting and film, with her first job being a Music Video for a band called the Magic Gang.

In 2018 she began attending acting classes religiously leading to more formal training, and after booking a series of film roles she was picked up by an agent.

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